Zones vertes grignotées à Bali

Un lecteur s’émeut de la disparition progressive des zones vertes du sud de Bali par des gens qui contreviennent impunément au cadastre. Il appelle à la création d’une rubrique dans notre journal qui dénoncerait abus et violations, photos à l’appui…

Here are pictures of Jalan Pantai Seseh taken on December 12, 2010. It would be great if we could do a regular column where people can contribute pictures and reports on a regular basis. The area between the Jalan Raya and a clearly marked line running parallel to the coast line is designated as Green Zone. It is one of the last still mostly unspoiled green zone areas along Bali's South Coast. However, the “green zone” status is under growing attack. In the past few years, a number of "batako" factories have been erected on the green zone area, generally along the main Jalan Pantai Seseh. These are so far been quite small, although permanent constructions, some two storey high, where people work, and live permanently. Last week, during the Galugan festivities, a new even more blatant violation appeared: this time, it’s a complete perimeter wall, with foundations and white stone grounds, clearly indicating a step up in the type of illegal building in this green zone area.

This step up is clearly due to the fact that none of the prior, smaller illegal buildings have been prosecuted in any way. If nothing is done to stop these illegal buildings now, the construction will be carried out in larger and larger scale. A group of Pantai Seseh and surrounding area residents have asked their “klian” to make formal complaint to the “kepala desa” of Munggu, where the illegal activity is being carried out. However, this type of action is not causing any effective remedy. Other actions, including complaints to the police are being attempted. One of the most effective ways to try to stop these violations is to expose them on the local press. A regular column in local papers, such as La Gazette de Bali, where people can send reports and pictures of green zone violations, would be a great help in trying to effectively take action to stop the destruction of Bali's last surviving green zone areas. Best regards.
Marcantonio Pinci

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