En anglais et volontairement laissé ainsi afin que ce courrier soit lu par le plus grand nombre, l’interpellation d’un jeune issu d’un couple mixte sur la difficulté d’avoir à choisir sa nationalité à 21 ans comme le requiert la loi indonésienne et les obstacles administratifs qui accompagnent ce choix…

Coming at the age of 21, a French dad and a Balinese mum, I had the tough decision of choosing one nationality. Indonesia, like many Asian countries, has lagged behind, disallowing two citizenships. The decision of choosing a nationality is personally tough, understanding Indonesian nationality law is tougher.

On the Indonesian side, though only accepting one nationality, thanks to the undang undang Rakyat Indonesia 6, passed in 2011, children that were below the age of 21 of mixed parents were given the right to a double citizenship. Having to choose their permanent citizenship before turning 21, only requiring a letter stating which nationality they would like to keep and a seal from the foreign consulate.

On the French side, dual citizenship is accepted and in principle poses no problem. However what they don’t tell you is that after choosing a second nationality and in the case that you want to leave your French citizenship, under article 18-1 of the French Civil Code, that you must declare it at least 12 months after.

Here’s the dilemma, on the Indonesian side, I needed a letter stating that I have left my French citizenship. Since my family and I was not told to declare 12 months after attaining two nationalities, the French side would not give me a letter stating that I let go of my French citizenship.

Now here’s the main question, how many out there are in the same situation? What did they do about it? Isn’t it time Indonesia should push for dual citizenship?
Gede Krishna Marco Chieppa

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motard dans la cendre

motard dans la cendre
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face sud du merapi
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