Toujours sur ces questions relatives aux vols avec voie de fait sur des femmes seules, qui semblent de plus en plus nombreux, et à la dernière agression révoltante d’une figure ancienne de Bali, l’Italienne Valeria, qui s’est retrouvée depuis en réanimation à l’hôpital, ces réactions de membres de la communauté expatriée qui s’inquiètent et s’interrogent…

Chers amis,

Le problème va s’intensifier, les medias et organismes officiels peuvent s’en faire l’écho. Bali doit rester un endroit jouissant de sécurité, or récemment de plus nombreux crimes sont commis envers les ressortissants étrangers. Sans action nous, nos amis, nos enfants risquent plus d’attaques et peut-être bientôt des kidnappings. Faites passer l’info aux media et officiels qui pourraient faire parler du problème. Regards,

Fabrice Garrigues

Hi everybody. Just heard again about a really bad story that happened to Valeria, a friend leaving here for 30 years, mother of Marlon and married to Lucas. She got attacked on Kerobokan Street Friday night on her way home. She was on her bike, with helmet. They pushed her, grab the bag and beat her up on the head almost to death, on the side of the road with people passing by!!... Nobody helped, helmet was found aside. Her condition is extremely critical with 3 fractures on the skull... trepanation, blood all over inside... Please, pray for her. Not only Valeria but all the other ones... Almost every day now, with more cruelty, they always attack women foreigners on bikes. At day, at night, even if you have a locked box at the back of your bike, they push you, take the key, and open the box. 2 girls on a bike between Petitenget and Umalas, 6 pm, hit on the face with beer glass bottle... and so many other stories, over and over... Legian, Seminyak, Kerobokan, Umalas, Berawa, Canggu but also Ubud now... And I’m not talking about robbery in homes... Girls, no more visible bag on bike and no box... Those criminals are crazy! Police doesn’t move, solidarity doesn’t work much here, maybe a big buzz and a media scandal could make a difference? Or pressure on the touristic industry? Please, pass it on, even if you are not directly concerned. It could be your friends, kids. Protect yourself and the people... 


I feel the proper way to do it and get the word out there is first call up all the newspapers and journalists and let them know that there will be a protest in front of Bali chief of police office. Women, lots of women, Indonesian women, Bule women, all women carrying signs of protest, with an Indonesian woman shouting emotional protests in a megaphone. And if the chief of police doesn’t listen to them, then they go to the airport and greet the tourist as they arrive with the reality and the brutality that are happening on the streets of Bali, to all women Indonesian and foreign. The press will love it!


Salut Socrate, Je crois qu’il y a un article urgentissime à faire sur le sujet !!! Moi, je ne prends plus ma moto depuis longtemps entre autres à cause de ça. Amicalement,


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motard dans la cendre

motard dans la cendre
merapi novembre 2010

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face sud du merapi
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